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One of the biggest inspirations in my life and my career was Christian Louboutin, the god of shoe design . His famous red soles were inspired brand my business , my books and my person. When I discuss how I want my books to look like , and I begin to deviate from the brand, my friends tell me , "This is your red sole, " which means it is my brand and I should not change. One of my first articles, "I share you my 999 for your slippers 9.99 Louboutin glitter ," it was a true story written to reflect the kinds of things we do in times of difficulty and confusion. Using Louboutin name in my article was very important for me and the message I wanted to convey . I received an invitation to attend a major conference of the brand in Istanbul where Christian Louboutin going to be a guest speaker.

I have planned many months in advance. I even rehearsed what I would say , in French, miraculous event that I met and I could talk to him. the morning of the big day, I became very stressed against a team of lawyers. I was not happy with how things are going on , and as I was preparing to go to the conference , a phone call from one of them delayed my trip I could not believe that lawyers wanted to discuss their non - . . sense at this point , and I felt very angry that I allowed the discussion to ruin such a great day I arrived two hours later for the conference, but half an hour before the big presentation of Christian Louboutin . lively discussions with prosecutors has left me exhausted and out of balance. How could it get more boring ? J ' I crossed the Bosphorus on my way to the conference and I forgot the beautiful views of the Ferry and my big day in advance because I always had the conversation earlier in the morning in my mind. I also took the wrong ferry Christian Louboutin Outlet, which delayed me even more to arrive on time. By the time I made it to the conference, everyone was on a coffee break. I headed the conference room, it was empty because everyone was out. I stayed in silence , waiting to catch my breath when I see someone standing just me ... it was Christian Louboutin ! It was literally next to me and there was no one other than the two of us on this very short period of time.

I did my best to gather my courage, and I approached him to answer Christian Louboutin , just as I did in my mind so many times. the only thing I could get out of my mouth was " Mr. Louboutin , I can take a picture of you ? " He smiled at me , he let me take a picture of him , my hands were shaking and my head was paralyzed . Much for all replicates in French for the moment I meet him. I could not collect my thoughts , I wanted tell him how much I admired him and how much of a role model, he was my life and my business. However, I could not. anger I felt the morning my attention away , and in such a way , I missed one of the most important moments and most precious in my life. when I had some balance back to me , Christian Louboutin UK was surrounded by many people. Yet , I was the only one who took a picture of him , but I still regret to have missed a very important moment . lot of people are destabilizing . their presence and words confuse and anger . Maybe we have all brought confusion and anger at some other time in our lives , but some people do it all the time . the real problem is not that these people . the problem is how we choose to react when we allow them to destabilize us , we anger and divert us Christian Louboutin Sale from our path.

If I had to, because the world was on the verge of collapse , which was not , I did not let it upset me because it would bring instability my thoughts and actions. next time you're on the train , plane , ferry or subway, watching those around you. How many of them think of problems at home , or the day you can see the stress in their faces , what kind of workers they will be during the day when early in the morning , they are already so grumpy How many of their bright ideas will not be heard because their mind is confused and disorganized, and they will not be able to express what they think and what they want , what kind of parents they will be the night when they bring home not only the stress of the morning, but the frustration of what they could not accomplish during the day because they were so stressed in the first place to accomplish something good? anger is a vampire who sucks our energy. Even when we are able to evacuate , it leaves a terrible residue stored in our body as stress. stress paralyzes us, makes us miss our lives , it damages our plans, it stops us from playing the role that we so carefully repeated. Louboutin balances.

J ' have a picture that I took of Christian Louboutin in my office to remind me not to get angry , to serve me as a reminder that no one has the power to irritate me unless I allow it to happen . importantly, the sky will answer our prayers , it is just that sometimes we are not ready for them , and we miss all together. Louboutin cheap. Some designers work just for girls who have a nice figure and are very nice, but all kinds of girls - Tina Turner to Nicole Kidman - . always a source of inspiration for Christian Louboutin Sale This is why Christian Louboutin is famous all over the world now the red . became sole rigor on the red carpet and from the list of Hollywood. museum director Valerie Steele thinks he is the foremost shoe designer in the world. Louboutin worked for the biggest names in another mode the early years of his career. his own workshop set up until 1992, at the end of a picturesque Parisian arcade 19th century.